Pressemeddelelse - GSGroup - Care4all/Flextrack

Jan Nørskov, CEO and founder, Care4all/Flextrack (Left). Espen Virik Ranvik, CEO, GSGroup (Right).

Press release: Esbjerg 15.08.2018

The Norwegian company GSGroup AS has acquired 100% of shares in Care4all ApS. The new owner wants to create growth and new jobs in Esbjerg by building on Care4all’s past success.

Care4all is a Danish company with head office in Esbjerg. The company develops and produces advanced tracking technology for clients in both Denmark and abroad. Since its formation in 2004, the company has experienced continual growth. In 2017, Care4all increased its turnover by 20%.

New ownership will move Care4all forward into continued success

GSGroup is a leading European supplier of services and systems for mobile data collection solutions. With GSGroup on board, Care4all has gained a strong owner- and leadership that has the capacity to move Care4all forward into continued success. CEO and founder of Care4all, Jan Nørskov, states:

- The similarities between these two organizations are significant and the foundation for success becomes evident through our companies’ culture and values – a perfect match. Furthermore, GSGroup has the capacity to advance Care4all, secure existing relationships and provide our customers and partners with even broader perspectives. They will experience that we continue to develop and manufacture products of the same high standard and quality as always. Hence, I am very optimistic for the future.

CEO and founder Jan Nørskov remains a part of the company and will play a key role in developing new market-leading solutions for the customers.

Increased production requires an expansion of the workforce

GSGroup already plans to expand Care4all’s head office in Esbjerg to increase production capacities. GSGroup therefore expects to hire more employees in Esbjerg in the future. In addition, GSGroup will expand its salesforce to meet demands on the Danish and international market.

– Our focus will be to continue and reinforce what has made Care4all successful. The company has great relationships with its customers and partner networks, and we will maintain and develop these further, states Espen Virik Ranvik, CEO of GSGroup.


About GSGroup 
GSGroup AS is a leading European supplier of services and systems for mobile data collection solutions. The company’s product portfolio currently consists of the brands Handyman, Smartday, Guard Systems, Spotguard, and MyFleet. GSGroup’s headquarters are in Sandefjord, Norway, with a total of 13 offices across 9 countries. GSGroup completed another year of record-high growth and sales passing €20mn in 2017. Today, the company has over 200 employees.

About Care4all 
Since its formation in 2004, Care4all has been at the forefront of innovation, bringing the newest tracking technology into the hands of the customers. The company has developed a unique and fully flexible tracking system, easy for everyone to operate. Whether the aim is to strengthen personal safety, protect valuables, fleet control or operations management, Care4all offers a strong portfolio of Lommy tracking devices and an open software solution, customizable to meet specific needs and add extra value. Care4all has 30 employees in Denmark. In 2017, the company had a turnover of about 40 million DKK.

Contact information: 
Interim Managing Director, Dorthe Lendal Kisum, tel. +45 40 96 99 99.