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How GPS works

A Lommy Pro or Lommy Personal GPS tracker contains a sensitive GPS receiver that constantly receives signals from GPS satellites orbiting the earth. The tracker uses this data to calculate its exact location, typically with an accuracy of less than 5 meters. The location data is forwarded at regular intervals over the GSM mobile phone network to a server at Care4all, where you can instantly access the information.

GPS tracking via online web interface

When you want to see where your Lommy is located, simply log into the web interface at Here you can see where your Lommy has been, and where it is right now, along with a host of other useful information. For example, in the event of a stolen vehicle or other property, you will be able to tell the police where it has been, and more importantly where it is now, so you can get it back. As another example, you can now provide assistance to people who have a Lommy Personal when they are in need.

Receive alert notifications for certain events

You can choose to receive alarm messages as a text or e-mail for various events. This means that your Lommy GPS tracker is monitored constantly, even when you are not following along on the screen. Examples of these events could be when:
a vehicle's engine that has Lommy Pro attached is started or turned off.

  • the Lommy moves outside of a specific geographical area (GeoFence).
  • the panic button or fall sensor is activated on a Lommy Personal.
  • the light or motion sensor in the Lommy is activated.

A Lommy Personal can also be connected directly to the emergency centre, so urgent help can be given immediately.