Lommy Eye serie Reliable and simple tracking device for monitoring large and small valuables

Lommy Eye is a small battery-powered device that can easily be placed in the object you want to monitor and track in the event of theft or loss.
No installation, wiring or connection is necessary - it's easy and simple!

Log on to the user-friendly website where all alarms and settings can easily be configured as needed. Then you can safely leave the monitoring to Lommy Eye.

Lommy Eye is available in models with a capacity of 1200, 2400 and 6000 positions

Easy and effortless access to monitoring around the clock. Connect to your Lommy Eye via PC or smartphone.

Tracking with high security - at low cost

Lommy Eye is a great investment that gives you a complete overview of vehicles, trailers, boats, etc. Wherever the worldwide GSM network is available, Lommy Eye can monitor your valuables outdoors as well as indoors - in buildings, basements, warehouses, etc.

Download the product sheet (pdf)


Overview of functions


HIGH PRECISION. With its highly sensitive GPS receiver, Lommy Eye works even in the most difficult conditions. The device can be located with an accuracy of a few meters.


TRIANGULATION. The GSM signal is the nerve centre of the system. The location of the device is calculated with advanced GSM triangulation. Tracking in a new way.


ELECTRONIC FENCE. If the device is moved outside of a geographically defined area, an alarm is transmitted. Similarly, an alarm can be sent when it crosses borders.

lyssensorLight sensor*

OUTSIDE OR INSIDE. Lommy Eye has a built-in light sensor. A sudden change from dark to light will activate the device. For example, you can place a Lommy Eye in a package and be notified when it is opened.

webinterfaceWeb interface

ALWAYS UP-TO-DATE. Using a PC or portable device with Internet access, quickly gain access to monitor and control all your Lommy Eye devices. Simply log into your secure Lommy Eye account on www.trackeye.dk.

RFbeaconRF Beacon*

RADIO COMMUNICATION. Intelligent RF technology makes it possible to locate the device to within a few meters.

bevaegelsessensorMotion Sensor*

ON THE MOVE AGAIN. Need to increase reporting frequency when the device is in motion? Need an alarm in case the device is moved?


COME RAIN OR SNOW. Lommy Eye is suited to harsh climatic challenges. The moulded plastic enclosure with a watertight seal enables it to be used almost anywhere.


HEAT OR COLD. Is the heat on in the boat? What is the temperature in the cabin? Where is the device located - in a hot attic or in a cold basement? The temperature provides the answer.

*Depending on model



Technical specifications for Lommy Eye

General specifications:

  • Extreme low-power design, sub-systems are able to power down individually
  • Quad band GSM module (SMS, TCP/IP, FTP, etc.)
  • 3.3 volt SIM card
  • Optional UMTS GSM module (3G networks)
  • Three model sizes available with 1200, 2400 or 6000 positions (typical report setting is 1 position/day)
  • High performance GPS receiver (tracking -165 dBm, 22 channels, 1, 2 or 4 Hz update rate) – varies depending on model
  • 3D G-force sensor (max +/-16 G, resolution 1 mG, up to 160/400 Hz) – varies depending on model
  • RF transceiver 433 or 868 MHz, 25 mW (max 250 Kbit/second, please specify frequency when ordering)
  • Light sensor (activation when change in light level is detected) – varies depending on model
  • Built-in antennas for GSM, GPS and RF transceiver
  • 1 user-controlled LED and 1 button
  • Serial port for up-/download of files, configurations, etc. (fixture available), can also use RF link.
  • The device can automatically switch on when button is pressed, G-sensor movement/freefall is detected or at a set date/time
  • Advanced power save functions, the device can go into sleep mode when: GPS is acquiring lock, RF is listening for data, etc. – varies depending on model
  • Full support for Flextrack FAL API programming interface. (Units are delivered with our 'standard tracker application', please see detailed description)


  • Lommy Eye M (1200 positions):
    • Size (H x W x D): 21(16) mm x 55 mm x 52 mm
    • Weight: 52 gram
    • Humidity: max 90% relative
    • IP33 (not dustproof)
  • Lommy Eye L (2400 positions):
    • Size (H x W x D): 21(16) mm x 76 mm x 67 mm
    • Weight: 103 gram
    • IP66
  • Lommy Eye XL (6000 positions):
    • Size (H x W x D): 54 mm x 65 mm (81 mm incl. eyelets) x 37 mm
    • Weight:  145 gram
    • IP 68 (waterproof)
  • CE, RoHS and WEEE certified
  • Operating temperature: -30 °C to +60 °C

Power supply:

  • Non-rechargeable battery (3,600 mAh, 7,200 mAh, or 19,000 mAh A or D cell)
  • Power consumption in power-off: <15 uA
  • Power consumption if G-sensor is armed: 0.02 mA – varies depending on model

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