lommy-personalPersonal GPS tracker for business, public institutions and private use

Lommy Personal is a small, sophisticated tracking device, designed to provide a high degree of personal safety. The device is very easy to use and so flexible that it can always be adjusted to the user's specific needs. As one of the markets only products, Lommy Personal, in combination with Lommy Tag, can give you peace of mind, not only outdoors but also inside buildings - which is unique!

  • Make a phone call and send pre-set text messages directly with a single tap.
    Pre-selected phone numbers (for example, to the alarm centre) are set via the web control panel.
  • Register time and location data on the data server with a single touch of the device.
  • Comes with 1 alarm button and up to 6 functional buttons.
  • On a PC or other media with Internet access, you can keep track of where people wearing the Lommy are, where they are moving to and what situation they are in.

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Overview of functions

Fall sensor

ACCIDENT OR ASSAULT. Lommy Personal has a built-in fall sensor. If the acoustic signal is not responded to, an alarm will automatically be triggered.

Alarm key

IMMINENT DANGER. When the red alarm key in the middle of Lommy Personal is activated, an alarm call is immediately sent. Send to many, or send to a few - the simple operation of Lommy Personal makes it easy to create the proper device set-up.

Light house

COLOUR INDICATORS. Red, yellow, green, blue and white light. High-intensity light from the LED module at the top of the unit. Have various indicators display on the "light tower" depending on the situation.


STAY CONNECTED. If you need to call someone who can help you, this can be easily managed with a Lommy Personal. It works the same way as a mobile phone - only much more simply.

Programmable keys

ADAPTED TO THE USER. Various important functions with a single touch. Phone calls to your fixed numbers. Send pre-programmed text messages. Play back messages. With six buttons, Lommy Personal can be adapted to anyone.

Alarm centre

ALWAYS IN CONTACT. Lommy Personal can be easily linked to an alarm centre. This means you are always in touch with someone who can help you if anything happens.


SILENT ALARM. Activate the red alarm key, and an automatic voice channel opens up.


HIGH PRECISION. With its highly sensitive GPS receiver, Lommy Personal works even in the most difficult conditions. The device can be located with an accuracy of a few meters.


CLEAR SPEECH. With the built-in MP3 player, you can play pre-recorded voice messages based on particular situations.

Suitable for

Lommy Personal is well suited for:

  • Monitoring and control of people who work alone.
  • Registration and protection of social workers.
  • Protection and monitoring of the elderly and those with dementia.
  • Monitoring and protection of people who transport valuables.
  • Safety alarm for children and the disabled.


Technical specifications for Lommy Personal


  • Height: 80 mm. (including the top indicator, 84 mm.)
  • Width: 59 mm at the bottom, 58 mm at the top.
  • Thickness: 20.3 mm on the right side and 15.5 mm in the left side.
  • Weight 78 g.
  • ABS plastic box.
  • Dust and splash proof (IP54).


  • Low power consumption.
  • High sensitivity (-165 dBm).
  • Position update rate from 1 to 4 Hz.


  • Siemens MC 55I GSM quad band module.
  • Transmission power:     
    • Class 4 (2W)  EGSM 900 and GSM 850.
    • Class 2 (1W)  GSM 1800 and GSM 1900.
  • GPRS multi-slot class 10.
  • Text message.
  • 3.3 volt SIM card.
  • Data via FlexCI protocol (GPRS), Fleetman (HTTP GET) and SMS.
  • Coding can be done over GPRS or SMS or via a direct USB connection.


  • 3-dimensional (XYZ) G-sensor, with configurable trigger modes for alarm.
  • 2-way radio link, 868 MHz. 10 mW (8A2).
  • Built-in mechanical vibrator.
  • Built-in MP3 player for playback of alarm messages via the built-in.
  • High-quality speaker.
  • High sound quality as a result of acoustic separation of microphone and speaker.
  • A large alarm button in the middle of the front.
  • Up to 6 user definable buttons located around the large central alarm button.
  • Status LEDs (indicators) Red, yellow, green and blue.
  • At the top of the "light tower" there is an RGB LED with high light intensity, which can be used to indicate various events.

General specifications:

  • 1,600 mAh rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery.
  • Charging via USB connection. 5 volt, 500 mA. Can be charged from a USB port on a standard PC.
  • Charging time < 5 hours.
  • Also available with 3,200 mAh battery for extended operating time.
  • Internal step up power supply and super cap. (Super cap ensures that a high proportion of the battery capacity can be utilized).
  • ARM7 CPU. (Enables customer-defined functions to be handled).
  • CE, RoHS and WEEE certified.

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