lommy pro gps trackerOne of Denmark's most popular GPS trackers for tracking and monitoring of vehicles and machines

Lommy Pro tracking device provides a complete overview of vehicles and machinery, and provides efficient fleet management and theft protection.

With a combination of GPS and GSM/GPRS technologies, Lommy Pro makes it easy to keep track of mobile equipment and people via a PC or other media with Internet access. With the web-based control panel, you can set SMS and email alerts when needed and read the Lommy's movement history.

Lommy Pro can be installed wherever there is power supply available (mains or battery).
A Lommy can be moved, so you are free to choose what it is you want to keep track of.

The device can be combined with a variety of sensors and accessories, which allows for a very wide range of possible applications, for example, remote reading of measurements such as temperature and fuel levels.
We offer a tailored solution match your specific needs.

Lommy technology is useful in research and development projects, and we gladly provide our expertise in this area.

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Overview of functions


HIGH PRECISION. With its highly sensitive GPS receiver, Lommy Pro works even in the most difficult conditions. The device can be located with an accuracy of a few meters.

bevaegelsessensorMotion sensor

ON THE MOVE AGAIN. Need to increase reporting frequency when the device is in motion? Need an alarm in case the device is moved?

CAN busCAN Bus

DRIVING INFORMATION. Get access to all the current information about a truck's status: Fuel Level, acceleration, RPMs, etc.


NO INTERRUPTIONS. With its integrated battery, Lommy Pro continues to send you data, even if someone were to cut the connection to the primary power source.

RFbeaconRF Beacon

RADIO COMMUNICATION. Using intelligent RF technology Lommy Pro can be combined with Lommy Tag. This opens up a whole new world of monitoring possibilities. Contact us to learn more about the many possibilities.


REGISTER THE WORLD. External sensors open up new possibilities:

  • Door controls
  • Fuel controls


COME RAIN OR SNOW. Lommy Pro can be adapted to harsh climatic challenges. A plastic enclosure is available as an optional accessory, with a watertight seal that enables it to be used almost anywhere.


DOCUMENT EVERYTHING. Let Lommy Pro notify you, or simply record when the engine of a vehicle is started or stopped. All documentation is stored online.


ELECTRONIC FENCE. If the device is moved outside of a geographically defined area, an alarm is transmitted. Similarly, an alarm can be sent when it crosses borders.

Suitable for

Lommy Pro is well suited for:

  • Fleet Management
  • Monitoring of equipment and vehicles
  • Theft protection

Optional accessories

Accessories for Lommy Pro

A large assortment of accessories is available for the Lommy Pro, which allows you to use it many places. For example, a waterproof box with solar batteries is available, which allows Lommy Pro to operate without external power, for example, on board a boat or in a caravan, RV or the like.

See our accessories page


Technical specifications for Lommy Pro


Lommy Pro tracking devices have integrated mounting holes, and installation is simple. They can be permanently mounted and will continue to operate just as long as the vehicle or equipment on which they're equipped.  They are small enough that they can be easily installed in the vast majority of motorcycles. The 4 integrated LED indicators ensure that you can always see what the Lommy is doing.

A waterproof case is also available for the Lommy, so it can operate in damp and wet environments.

Features and Options

The Lommy Pro II has a built-in motion sensor that can activate positioning or trigger the sending of an alarm, for example, if it starts moving again after a pause.

The Lommy can store more than 10,000 positions in its memory, and if that's not enough, the advanced versions can be expanded to include an additional 32GB SD card.


The fully specified versions of Lommy Pro II are also equipped with a CAN bus, so they can be integrated into other electronic functions, for example, in a car. You can connect a temperature sensor and driver identification via the 1-Wire connection and door contacts and fuel gauges, etc., can be connected through the analogue inputs.

In addition, the advanced versions are equipped with RS232 and RS485 data connections.

Wireless connection of Lommy Tags

All types of Lommy Tag units support a wireless connection to Lommy Pro.

Technical data:

  • Quad band GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz with internal antenna.
  • 3.3 volt SIM card.
  • 22 channel GPS receiver, sensitivity -165 dBm.
  • Specially designed, high-sensitivity helix GPS antenna.
  • External power supply: 10 – 60 volt DC.
  • 1,100 mAh built-in rechargeable Li-Ion battery.
  • Option of charging via solar cells.
  • 2 analogue or digital inputs.
  • 1 digital output.
  • Power out for external functions.
  • Built-in motion sensor.
  • Internal memory for storing more than 10,000 positions.


  • Height 14.1 mm.
  • Width 57.0 mm.
  • Length 88.0 mm.
  • Weight 70 grams.

Lommy Pro 7A2 also includes:

  • RS232, RS485, CAN bus and 1-Wire connections.
  • Option for installation of up to 32GB SD memory card.
  • 2-way radio link (868 MHz).

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