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Do you always know where your cars, trailers and other equipment is located?

Care4all provides you with effective fleet management, with the GPS tracker Lommy Pro mounted in vehicles and other wheeled assets. You get a quick overview of your devices from your PC or other media, where you can see the vehicle position, direction and speed with data and map view.

This lets you take full advantage of the vehicles, because you can easily direct them to tasks. At the same time, you have complete documentation for customers and authorities in situations where you have to prove how your equipment has moved.

Fleet management increases your perspective and improves customer service, while optimizing business processes.

See a demo of fleet management here

Alarm messages

The system allows you to receive automatic text message notifications when the status of a vehicle or trailer changes inappropriately. For example, you can define a physical area where you want the vehicle to remain. If the device is moved outside of this range, you will be notified.

Fleet management and positioning

With a map of all of Europe, you will never again be in doubt about where your cars are on their route and where trailers and other equipment are located right now. Everything is stored on the server as proof.

Theft protection

The times are such that we have to keep a closer eye on our equipment, and GPS monitoring sends you a message if anything happens and helps you recover stolen valuables.

Lommy can be built into any type of vehicle, e.g.:

Tractor units, road trains, rental cars, bobcat, septic trucks, trucks, trailers, excavators, tractors, personnel carriers, vans, semis, loader tractors, combines, portable cabins.


Case story

Robust, reliable and
highly flexible

Epoke has chosen Lommy FlexPad from Care4all as a fixed navigation element for our advanced GPS management program because the system is robust, reliable and highly flexible. At the same time, the system provides both the owner and the user many additional possibilities - for example, 2-way communication.

- Klaus Kjær Hansen, Development Manager, Epoke A/S

Epoke A/S produces materials for combating slippery roads for a global market.

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