Simple and intelligent theft protection for your valuables and important belongings

With a Lommy Pro installed and internet access, you can track your valuables and important belongings anywhere in the world, directly on your PC or other media.

Get notified in the event of theft

You will be alerted automatically if your insured belongings change position at times you do not want or if they move outside the physical area you have defined.

You can log on around the clock and see where your insured property is located, both its position and on a map.

Suitable for mounting in small and large items

Lommy Pro is typically used for commercial vehicles such as construction machinery and transport vehicles. Lommy Pro can also be used to good advantage for boat engines, motorcycles and other smaller belongings, which are frequently an object of interest for theft.

Power supply

Lommy is typically installed on property that has a battery or power supply that can supply the Lommy with power.

Connect to the truck alarm

It is also a possibility to link the truck's own alarm to Lommy Pro, so that if the alarm is activated, you will receive a notification in a text message.