When you take a Lommy Personal along, you can always quickly get in contact with others if you need help and you can always be found.

It provides security for everyone, regardless of whether it is security in a job situation or the safety of a family member.

In the workplace

Safety and security for your employees.
There are many jobs where employees work alone, so they do not have the reassurance of having colleagues around them.
For example:

  • Guards who work alone at night, with the risk of assault.
  • Scaffolders working up high with the risk of falling, who would be incapable of going for help if an accident should happen.
  • Cleaning crews working alone outside normal working hours, who suddenly become ill or have some other acute need.

Lommy Personal can provide safety and security in all these situations.

In the family

Security and freedom for you and your loved ones.
All you need is Internet access via a PC or other media, and you can follow your children or other family members when they are out on their own, from anywhere in the world.
For example:

  • On the bike ride or out for a jog in unfamiliar terrain, help is always near.
  • For a teenager who has to drive or walk home alone from a friend's house, sports event or a night out, it can provide you and your child security.
  • If you are on your own in a remote or unfamiliar area, Lommy gives you peace of mind since you can quickly contact your loved ones and they can see where you are and get you home safely.